Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing...the Warren Wilson College Bird Crew!

For years, Warren Wilson students have wandered around this beautiful campus and felt at home among the trees and in the wide-open fields. Cows mooing in the pastures feel like friends, because their presence is constant and reassuring. But what about in the trees? Birds are constantly calling and chattering--their unwavering presence too helps us feel at home. How many Wilson students have wondered what bird they were hearing or why it was acting the way it was? Now, with the help of the Warren Wilson College Bird Crew, you can learn to identify the Carolina Chickadees, the White-breasted Nuthatches, the Hermit Thrushes, and the variety of warblers that make their way through campus every spring and fall without fail, among others. These birds, once you know them, will become your friends and deepen your roots to this place that so many students have called home for four years.

The new WWC Bird Crew focuses on Education and Research. We will lead weekly bird walks on campus and weekend birding field trips off campus to help interested community members learn about the birds that surround them. This blog will serve as a place for us to share information about the birds the WWC community sees everyday. We will do a profile of a new species every week. We will also write about conservation issues on campus and in our surrounding region of Western North Carolina. We are also currently assessing the many research opportunities on campus in order to offer future NSS students options to do their research at Wilson and further explore conservation issues here.

 Join us on a bird walk Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8 to 9:20am and on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 7:20pm. The morning walks meet at Morse, and the evening walk meets at Sage Circle. These days and times are subject to change depending on who shows up, so keep an ear out for updates.

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